Tune In Tuesdays
Tune In Tuesdays
  Alternative Rock   Quezon City

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Tune In Tuesdays play an all original material influenced by alternative music; neatly-crafted songs accompanied by melodic riffs, rhythmic base lines and soft yet powerhouse drumming. With a long term goal of bringing back the 90's OPM vibe and to be heard.


Maria Jonah Vasquez - vocalist
Rhyz Laurente- bassist
Skin de Guzman - Drummer
Joseph Paul Garcia - Guitarist

former members

Dhanna Gutierez - guitarist / vocalist
Bea Herrera - vocalist
Marijo Curata - vocalist
Strat Ancheta  - guitarist
Chino Balangis - guitarist




Tune in Tuesdays (Self-titled EP)

  1. 1. Tadhana
  2. 2. Stranded
  3. 3. Halika Na
  4. 4. This Day
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Tune in Tuesdays - Tadhana (Lyric Video)