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In what seems a non-ending chaos that blankets our society and poisons our minds, people dream of a place where all noises are silenced. MALAYO (Far Away) sings of that place. Some frames in the music video focuses on poverty - beggars, disorders, and the ill ways to live a life. These conditions exist because people got a wrong map to that one peaceful place. Some don't believe at all and decide to accept that they are born to live that way. Our personal picture of that better place can materialize. What's far-fetched is to dream without moving. That place exists only if we deserve it.


Farley Tumbaga - Vocals

Rommel Rodriguez - Guitars

Luis Azcona - Bass

Dane Julius Policarpio - Drums




  1. Ginto
  2. Tulugtulugan
  3. Takda
  4. Malayo
  5. Samantala
  6. Kalsada
  7. Kurap
  8. Baso
  9. Bulalakaw
  10. Lipas
  11. Hamog
  12. Araw
  13. Badong
  14. Silong
  15. Soccerfield

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Publico - Malayo