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This is not your ordinary band. Members of Muffin belong to the rhythm section of a popular novelty band K and the Boxers which was the recipient of 2001 Aliw Awardee for Best Performance in Music Lounges, Bars & Restaurant (Group). This same group has also been instrumental in the success of several big concerts of popular artists including Aiai Delas Alas, Erik Santos, Rufa Mae Quinto, Ara Mina, etc. Now on their own as a band, muffin collectively remains their tight musicality after a decade-long experience in the music industry.

Muffin has changed its name last year to The Boxers and has released new materials under that name. So please check out the Boxers Band.


Wayne Perez - Vocals
Ruel Deljamorol - Guitars
Sam Valdecantos - Keyboards
Nolit Abanilla - Bass
Mon Valdecantos - Drums



 Muffin (Self-Titled Album)Muffin.jpg

  1. 1. Drivin
  2. 2. Timing
  3. 3. Pwede Ba
  4. 4. Paano
  5. 5. Tara Na
  6. 6. True Blue
  7. 7. Tungkol Sa'Yo
  8. 8. Kaibigan
  9. 9. Come Home
  10. 10. Goodbye

Other Releases:

2010 - Ismyl   (An Indie Christmas)

2010 - Stay (Indie Love)

2012 - Iniwan (Pushing the Indiestry)

2013 - Come Home (Bangon Pilipinas: The Yolanda Project)

2018 - Ismyl (Kahit Indie Pasko ay Magbigayan)

  Music Videos

Muffin - Tara Na

Muffin - Paano

For more music videos please visit the the Muffin Band Official Youtube Channel.