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Lion and the Scouts
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Living their musical dreams is one of the reasons that they were united. On February of 2010, the band is formed, Coming from different bands and genres they were unified by one type of music, That is “Reggae”. Lion and the Scouts started to cover songs from Bob Marley, Matisyahu,311,Tribal Seeds, etc. Then they started to write their own original compositions. Most of The Bands original songs have social awareness particularly on what is happening in reality. The objective of the band is to inspire other people and make a difference through their music. You can see their dedication and emotion in their energetic and groovy live performances..


Vocals : Joshwa "Bigote" Espiritu
Guitarist: Bobbie Esteleydes
Guitarist: Rence "Enkee" Abustan
Bassist: Nino "Emman" Ogsimer
Keyboardist: Jeffrey Manuel
Shakers: Eejay "E.Z" Escalona
Percussionist: Bhey Marley
Percussionist: Bryan David
Drummer: Marc "Cholo" Montano




Lion and The Scouts

  1. Lion meets The Scouts
  2. Ano ang Nakabalot sa Papel
  3. Kalayaan
  4. For How Long
  5. Pilipinas Get Up
  6. Reggae Vision
  7. A Cup of Coffee
  8. Bayo
  9. Flashback
  10. Summer Love



Kartel + Lion and The Scouts - Pagsibol

  1. Pag-asa, Pag-ibig, Pag-laya
  2. Ligaw sa Ligaw
  3. Atin 'to
  4. Tagas
  5. Kidlat at Kulog
  6. Sa Silangan


Lion and The Scouts - Usok

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Lion andThe Scouts - Usok