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A relatively new band from Manila, Philippines, Ink Driven began their music journey in 2010. They are currently in the process of recording their 1st studio album “Pen My Thoughts”.

Ink Driven’s single “Ayaw na Sana” is pretty much an easy listening tune with cool vocals and a simple yet effective melody that fits the whole theme perfectly – from its laid back sound to its soulful singing. This is an ideal song to play and listen to if you are one of those individuals who are basically romantic at heart, (despite the fact that it’s about a guy not wanting to feel anything anymore with a girl that he cares about) – thanks to its quixotic vibe.

A tune that can easily be appreciated by many with a premise that most can relate to, it is easy to predict that with the right forces behind this band, this particular song is marketable especially in the OPM scene.


Resty Concepcion Jr. (singer,guitars,piano)
Jerome Azarcon (bass,backing vocals)
Ivan Gutierrez (lead guitars)
Zimon Lampa (drums)



9c93de7e755b063ca0f2289c01cc88dd8cfbb7fa.jpgPen My Thoughts

  1. Ayaw na Sana
  2. Panaginip
  3. Say Something (Remix)
  4. Sulong
  5. Sugod Manny
  6. Dulo (Bonus Track)


Ayaw na Sana (Studio Version)

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Ink Driven - Dulo ng Walang Hanggan