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Giovanni “GiOvAn” Gonzaga, producer/artist write all the songs based in real life experience and observations. Catchy melodic arrangement and easy lyrics would surely inspire, motivate and encourage the listeners.

 Together with renowned musicians Jasper Grutas from (Zelle /Ney/Kley/Gloc-9-drums), Billy Reyes from (Stonefree/Gloc-9-guitar), Cookie Taylo(various artists-bass), Eunice Jorge lead vocalist of Gracenote band(piano) and Tryron de Guzman lead vocalist of Coffee band, did a great contribution to finish the “Cat Meows” album. Major credits to them.

 GiOvAn officially completed and started the line up last July of 2011 to continue the journey via live. Composed of skilled sessionists like Mon Valdecantos from the Boss/Muffin Band/various artists(drummer), Hyler Cresencio(various artists-keyboard), Elfie Mola(various artists-bass) and Chito Duque(various artists-lead guitar)

 GiOvAn is hoping to reach out the masses and believe that all the songs in the album will become an institution in the lives of many people who can appreciate Pop Rock blues genre.


Giovan Gonzaga – Vocals/Guitar

Hyler Cresencio – Keyboard/Acoustic guitar

Elfie Mola – Bass guitar

Chito Duque – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Mon Valdecantos - Drums



frontcover.jpgGiovan - Cat Meows

  1. Siya Sana
  2. Bagong Bukas
  3. Cat Meows
  4. You're My Dream Girl
  5. Love Is Like a Poison
  6. Fly
  7. Row Your Boat
  8. Kailan Kaya
  9. Farewell to You
  10. Song of Freedom