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George Segismundo

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George Segismundo is a retired government employee from Tondo, Manila. He enjoys making music in the blues, rock n roll and folk rock style. The songs in his self titled album were all created in around 2015-16. He looks up to great musicians of every decade as his influences since he listens to all kinds of music. He also enjoys writing short stories and poetry. In his self-titled album, he collaborated with other fine musicians to help him out with the music: Marvin Bea on guitars, Mon Valdecantos on drums and Nolit Abanilla on keyboards and bass.


GeorgeSegismundo Cover Art.jpg2019 George Segismundo

  1. Baliktanaw
  2. Ngiti
  3. Masdan Mo
  4. Dadalhin
  5. Larawan
  6. Pagbabago
  7. Karaniwang Tao
  8. Kalungkutan
  9. Pag-ibig na ba?
  10. Tayong Dalawa