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Alyssa Baid a.k.a. Alaixa is an Independent Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Artist & Elementary School Teacher. She is also a member of the band JABA and a member of the musical group SAMUSIKA.


Fav Quotes about Music...

"MUSIC speaks what cannot be expressed
soothes the mind and gives it rest
heals the heart and makes it whole
flows from heaven to the soul."

"MUSIC has no language barrier"



34035367_1856589297724908_2380325284088905728_n.jpgAlaixa (Self Titled album)

  1. 1. 7 Araw
  2. 2. Di Mo Alam
  3. 3. Alam Mo Ba?
  4. 4. Kaibigan
  5. 5. Ilaw
  6. 6. Sa Pagdating Mo
  7. 7. Sakali
  8. 8. Wala
  9. 9. Masakpan Gyud
  10. 10. To Reach You
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Alaixa - 7 Araw