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Skip Reality (AKA)
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Skip Reality is a Filipino pop-rock/pop/alternative band formed in 2014. They consist of siblings Alekzandra Nicolle (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Von Aiki (male vocals & lead guitar) and Kevin Romasanta (backup vocals & bass).

Formerly known as A.K.A., the band released its self-titled debut album with the lead single "Oras" (Time), under independent record label, IndiePinoy. Oras won two awards from Beat100 International Music Charts (Q2 2015 Bronze Best Song Award and Q2 2015 Silver Best Music Video Award) and was also nominated for Best Rock/Alternative Song at the 2015 NDMusicAwards. "Beautiful Things", another song from the album, also garnered a lot of attention and won Q1 2015 Gold Best Song Award in Beat100 International Music Charts. 2nd place winner of Starbeat.TV Talent search in 2017.

A.K.A. signed with U.K. record label, Motiventcha Studios, ltd. on May 2015 and later decided to change their name to "Skip Reality." They released their 1st single under Motiventcha Studios, ltd. entitled "Simple Love" on January 1, 2016.


Alezandra Nicolle - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Von Aiki - Vocals and Lead Guitar

Kevin Romasanta - Back up Vocals & Bass



AKA.jpgAKA (Self Titled Album)

  1. 1. You Have My Heart
  2. 2. Safe
  3. 3. Red Sweater
  4. 4. Believe In Me
  5. 5. Perfect Day
  6. 6. Oras
  7. 7. Man Who Never Fails
  8. 8. Beautiful Things
  9. 9. With Me
  10. 10. Batang Pinoy
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