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Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2015

By Administrator, 2015-12-27
Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2015

The indiepinoy christmas party was held at Back to the 90s Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Dec. 27, 2015.  The event was showcased with lots of food and drinks and Jam for all tugtugan. Several bands performed their own thing but most important are the jams where band members of different groups get together to play their favorite songs all for fun. As a tradition, Indiepinoy President Nolit Abanilla gave his year end report of all the activities done for the year 2015.

Check on Pictures here.

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Indiepinoy Christmas 2015 double album

By Administrator, 2015-12-01
Indiepinoy Christmas 2015 double album

Indiepinoy recently released a double album of all original christmas songs by Indiepinoy artists. The album is a follow-up from the christmas album released in 2010.  Artists who contributed in the compilation are The Boxers, AnthonyO, Q York, DJ Angela, Leslie Navarro, Sodapop Suicide, The Playfountains, Winners of Rap-A Verse, Bebe Riz and Jug Honeyluv, Daveman, Nuklus, Romel Chika, Gil Sabado, Krizzake x Zruz z Jamzz, Glenmore, Pitchfork, Leo Fantone, Dagger and Sentimo and Thelffrank featuring Ceejhay. The songs are made availble on itunes, spotify and other digital webstores. It also made it to the top100 alternative albums on itunes during its first few weeks of release.

Proceeds of this album will go to charity thru Akapbata's christmas projects helping less fortunate children celebrate a happy christmas.

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Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015

By Administrator, 2015-06-19
Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015

June 19, 2015 - Boomerang Music held the first of its kind Philippine Indie Rock Awards at the Teatro Marikina last June 19, 2015. The event featured live performances of independent rock bands from all over Metro Manila.  The Awards was supported by The Southern Project together with Pinoytuner, MNL Online, Inc., Indie Band News, Pulp Magazine, Rakista, YouRockPinoy and Indiepinoy.

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus

Faintlight - Flight

ÚNICO - Alone

Android-18 Band

Join The Club

Ian Tayao - Armalite

Valenzuela BP

Jomal Linao - Talata

Karel Honasan - YOSHA

Marco Ho - Giniling Festival

Eeman Bulotano - Audio Drive Thru

Kodigo PH

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Indiepinoy Music Fest 2015

By Administrator, 2015-06-07
Indiepinoy Music Fest 2015

June 7, 2015 - In celebration of Filipino Independent music, SM Las Pinas and Indiepinoy launched a concert fest last June 7, 2015. The event was held at the activity center of SM Las Pinas. Performers include Pseudo Red, Jeepney Jake, Ginrumntruth and Laraza. The event was hosted by DJ Julia B of 93.9 iFM Manila Radio.

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Indiepinoy in Philippine Congress Against HB4218

Indiepinoy President Nolit Abanilla together with other musicians shares before the Committee on Basic Educaation and Culture in Philippine Congress Headed by Rep Kimi Cojuangco, its statement of opposition to the HB4218 also known as OPM Development Act of 2014. The hearing was held last March 2, 2014. Indiepinoy was joined by other organization heads who comprise the Philippine Music Alliance for Rights, Welfare and Development among which include Skarlet, Chickoy Pura for Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Atek Jacinto for Band Alliance and Len Dante Clarino for Musika, Also presenting their own statements against the HB4218 are Sining Bugkos, Musicians for Peace, and others. On the side who are promoting the bill are OPM president Ogie Alcasid, Filscap President Noel Cabangon, AMP President Jong Cuenco and other prominent OPM officers: Jim Paredes and Dingdong Avanzado.

Outside the Congress compound, an organized group of musicians coming from various schools and communities held a rally which was immediately picked up by the media and was presented on the news that evening.

Pictures are here: United Against HB4218

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Indiepinoy Replies to OPM Legal Counsel on call to talk

"We've been talking to you but you were not listening. Now that the issue is out on the media and eyes are looking then you say Let's talk.... ano sa palagay mo ibig sabihin nito? well still talk is good. But we dont want to change HB 4218. We want it scrapped. Because we are drafting a new bill based on the correct premise. Not a fictitious explanatory note for which this bill was created."

This is the statement of Indiepinoy President Nolit Abanilla in response to the call from OPM Legal counsel to talk about the OPM bill being pushed by OPM, Filscap and AMP which is also known as HB4218 authored by Rep Teddy Baguilat.  The reply was posted on Indiepinoy facebook page. It was also explained that this media outburst of the OPM legal counsel seems to be a tactics to make public believe that those opposing the HB4218 are stubborn and not talking to the organizations pushing for this. "But the truth is, there has been constant dialogs between these groups on various issues concerning the musicians. But they however continue to push for a lopsided bill." added Mr. Abanilla. "I have been in several dialogs with the OPM board, with FIlscap officers and I am a member of AMP for which I have been in constant communication. I have expressed to them what has to be address. However, they chose to launch a bill that will not address the problem in the music industry and will instead maintain the status quo."

The news on this issue was posted here:

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Independent Musicians Speaks out against OPM Bill

The 1st Independent Musicians Open Forum on Rights and Welfare was held last January 31, 2015. Here musicians groups took turns in expressing their concern regarding the House Bill 4218 which is being pushed in Congress by OPM, Filscap and AMP. Among those who read their statements are Alternatribu, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Sining Bugkos, Musicians for Peace, Indiepinoy, Folkcause, Musika, PinoyHiphopaz, and many more.  The event was held right after the 1st Dental Mission for musicians organized by Heart of Music in cooperation with Indiepinoy.

More information about the event is written in this news item:

Check out pictures here.

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Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2014 at Back to the 90s bar

Indiepinoy did a Christmas party for the year 2014 at the Back to the 90s bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. last December 28, 2014.  The party was jampacked with lots of performances from indie bands. There were lots of games with prizes from several sponsors. Indiepinoy staff also did an exchange gift.  As expected, Indiepinoy president did a year end report. Then a jam session followed with various performances from several bands. There was a photobooth where everyone enjoyed the pictorial. 

Check out pictures with this link: 2014 Christmas Party Pictures

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Official Statement on HB 42218

By Administrator, 2014-12-14


Indiepinoy stands to oppose the House Bill 4218 also known as the OPM Development Act of 2014 filed by Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat. We believe that the premise on which the bill was created is erroneous and the solutions it provides does not address the problems of the vast majority of players in the music industry.

We find the Explanatory Note of the HB 4218 fictitious especially indicating the premise that the dominance of foreign artists completely obliterate any competition from local artists and this bill will prevent the imminent death of original Filipino Music. Indiepinoy, our existence as a conglomeration of thousands of active Filipino bands and artists continuously creating Original Filipino Music is a living proof that Filipino music is not dying and dominance of foreign artists in media and in local live concerts do not reduce the number or Filipino artists continuously creating their own craft.

We believe that the three points indicated on HB 4218 are acts already being implemented for several years now and has been proven that they did not help enliven the popularity of Filipino Music in popular media and the social conditions of Filipino artists. Furthermore we found the three points in the HB4218 are introducing more erroneous provisions: (1)giving tax credits for radio stations who are following the law of implementing 4 songs per hour is excessively corrupt; (2) the equity fee which was once a MOA between certain organizations, and now being proposed into a law is something which has to be a matter of concern with the legitimate musicians labor union and not certain organizations that do not represent the majority of musicians; and (3) institutionalization of the national Committee on Music must not be an elite group that only hears voices of certain organizations as being proposed in this bill.

We believe that the HB 4218 was writen with a naive point of view of an obsolete business model in the music industry that has benefited only a few and not the majority of the players in the music industry. We believe that for a bill on music to be passed on congress, it has to be viewed on a wider point of view covering economic, socio-cultural issues of all those involved, even the bit technical players, in the music industry. This must tackle musicians rights and welfare including education, rights to organization and support for being a representation of the country in various events of international significance.

Having said all these, INDIEPINOY stands to Oppose the OPM Development Act of 2014 or
the HB 4218.

Manuel Lorenzo ‘Nolit’ Abanilla
President, Indiepinoy Co

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Indiepinoy Christmas Festival 2014

By Administrator, 2014-12-03
Indiepinoy Christmas Festival 2014

Indiepinoy held an Indiepinoy Christmas Festival last Devember 3, 2014 at the Fishermall Activity center. The show started at 1pm and ended at 9pm. This featured performances by Kartel & Lion and the Scouts, Lem David, Mutya, Bersus, Grupong Azim, Giovan, Bone Pagligaran, KKK, DJ Angela, Syato with Blacktape, Pikoy, Grazz, Women's Business Hiphop and Pinoy Hiphoppaz. The show was hosted by X of X2M.  This event was a fundraiser for Paskuhang Paslit, an annual giftgiving program for the less fortunate children organized by the Akap Bata Inc. This year the program is focusing on the children affected by typhoon Yolanda (Hayian).  School supplies and other childrens toys will be delivered to school kids in Calbiga, in Easter Samar in time for christmas.

Check out pictures here.

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