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Indiepinoy releases 2018 Christmas album

By Administrator, 2018-12-16
Indiepinoy releases 2018 Christmas album

Kahit Indie Pasko Ay Magbigayan is a recompilation of previously released original Christmas songs made by independent Filipino artists. The songs are gathered from several indie Christmas albums released over the past decade. The compilation is produced by Indiepinoy, a company that has been the champion in the struggle of independent Filipino artists. It is an effort to bring music from previously not so popular indie music scene into the limelight especially this Christmas season and hopefully in the succeeding years. The songs are available in 240 territories on digital download from music webstores including itunes, apple music, spotify, deezer and amazon music.

The album consist of 15 tracks including the mobile download favorite "December Parade" by the indie-pop band Date with Fate. Also included is the Boxers' christmas song, "Sana ay Laging Pasko" which became popular with its witty music video. A lot of songs tackle the topic of hope in times of turmoil especially for which Christmas season normally suggest to us. Dream Kitchen's "Disintunado" and Syato's Regalo are perfect examples of this. Also included are the songs by The Play Fountains, Squeezers, and the long standing folk-rock progressive band Nuklus. Singer-songwriters DJ Angela, Leo Fantone, AnthonyO, didn't fail to contribute their part. Also included in this compilation are inactive indie bands whos song are still being heared online such as Sensitive, Sigwada Experiment, Muffin, Pitchfork and Kinetic Daze.

Indiepinoy hopes to popularize these Christmas songs via alternative media which include having them played regularly instore on Christmas bazaars, public markets as well as pipe in music on Christmas events and corporate parties. They will also be maximizing all efforts in having these songs played on various online internet radios and community radios in the provinces. Indiepinoy will also be maximizing multimedia on the internet by popularizing music videos and videos of performances in hopes of making them viral.

Proceeds of this album will go to charitable institutions for projects helping less fortunate children in their educational needs.


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Indiepinoy Attends Forum on Spotify for Artists

Staff members of Indiepinoy attended a casual forum on music streaming which was sponsored by Spotify and Believe Digital. Among those discussed are the best practices in streaming music as well as getting the most presence for the artists in spotify. The guest speaker was Ms Kossy Ng from Spotify regional office in Singapore. The event was held at The Boardroom in Ortigas, Pasig City last Sept 26, 2017. x

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Specifics for the Independent Filipino Artist: 


 1.  Provide grants and sponsorships for projects that uphold and promote nationalism, including music productions, videos and film. This include the production of materials that can be used for schools in promoting and discovering the lives and struggles of Filipino heroes in their quest for genuine independence, sovereignty and social justice. These projects will be actively supported and participated by the independent Filipino artists, therefore they should rediscover Philippine History in order for them to create a nationalist, scientific and mass oriented musical compositions.

 2. Develop a baranggay or community level arts and music program. Encourage community cultural organizations, help them develop talents in their community,  and provide them with venues for them to showcase their arts.

 This will create a visible avenue for artists to go and hone their talents and not go elsewhere for which it is not the community who will benefit from their arts. Create venues for trainings, workshops and sharing of compositions.  Communities can also develop their own micro media such as setting up their own community radio stations similar to campus radios and video channels utilizing modern technology such as the internet.

 Discover talents in your community and be proud of them. Utilize their talents by showcasing their arts in various activities on the community from ordinary events to concerts in town fiestas. Artists can also visit other communities and  tour the region or the nation in promoting their arts.

 The community can also help the artists in recording their songs and producing their albums. The baranggay level music and arts program can stand on its own by utilizing sponsorships from  the businesses in their area.

 3.On the national level, the state shall provide multi-functional community centers for culture and the arts that will support the baranggay level projects. These centers should be able to facilitate exchanges in several baranggay and regional musical showcase.  Develop and establish music summits as well as give recognition to those who excel in this endeavor.  Create venues in the media to showcase on a national and international level, the arts and music of communities.

 4. Develop marketing for music of the independent Filipino artist. Revise oppressive rules of OMB in replicating CDs that prevents the independent artist from producing their own albums and market them. Provide means for the artists to fairly market their music as content in the new digital technology.

 Areas of Concern:

 1. Abolish payola system in commercial radios and insist on commercial radios to play at least 10 Filipino music per hour. Encourage these commercial media to play new materials and not just old rehashed Filipino music. This will encourage the new generation to create their own music and help develop the community of Independent Filipino Artists.

 2.Utilize the People's TV and its radio counterpart for the promotion of Filipino music old and new, not in the promotional pattern of commercialism but one that promotes Filipino culture.

 3.Create an Executive order that will address the collection of equity fees from foreign performances in the country and have the collection be utilized in the projects that affects the whole music community.


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Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2016

By Administrator, 2016-12-28
Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2016

The indiepinoy christmas party was held last Dec 28, 2016 at the Black Kings Bar in West Ave., Quezon City. The event featured performances by The Boxers, Persephone, KKK, Musico, Azpalto, Liquor Lips, Alikabok 2.0, JR Prisno, Jake Lanting, Sidro Malaya, Amelia and other surprise guests. Indiepinoy gave a year end report presented by president Nolit Abanilla.  The event was also showcased with free food and drinks to the delight of the indie musicians who came to bond with fellow musicians.

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Ignite Gospel Music Festival 2016

By Administrator, 2016-11-18
Ignite Gospel Music Festival 2016

Light TV Network along with Indiepinoy launched the Ignite Gospel Music Festival which is now on its forth season. Te culmination event was held at Eton Centris in Quezon City last November 18,2016. It featured performances of Ultra Eskeptical Band, Planet Hopia, Mayonnaise, The Juans Band, Never the Strangers, Ang Bandang Shirley, Gloryfall Band, Victory Worship, Youth Alive, Ahava, and a whole lot more .

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Indipilipins Songwriting Contest 2016

By Administrator, 2016-05-01
Indipilipins Songwriting Contest 2016

INDIPILIPINS BAND and The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show Proudly Presents The First INDIPILIPINS Song Writing Competition INDIPILIPINS BAND together with The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show is proud to present its first ever songwriting competition. This event is only open to all amateur Pinoy songwriters. Winning entry will receive a fully arranged, mixed and mastered recording of his/her song by INDIPILIPINS BAND. INDIPILIPINS BAND is an International internet band composed of Nolit Abanilla (Philippines), Christian Angelo Semilla (Philippines), Robert "Obet" Rivera (Singapore) and Butch Monserrat (Australia). Songwriters can submit their entries to : Date of Submission: May 1, 2016 Entries: Submissions will close upon receiving 20 entries only Cut Off Date: Upon receiving 20 entries Music Genre: Pop/Rock Category Music Style: Ballad/Uptempo Please note: 1. Submission must have a minimum of a vocal track with guitar or keyboard accompaniment. Sending only a vocal track will not be accepted. 2. Submissions must be in an Mp3 format 3. Submissions are limited to only one (1) entry per person. 4. Submissions must accompany songwriters name and title of song. 5. Only the first 20 submissions will be accepted, so don't delay. INDIPILIPINS BAND will then screen the songs for the entire month of June and then select the winning entry, which will be announced on the last day in June. Music arrangements will begin July 1, 2016. Recording of tracks will follow and the winning entry should be completely mixed and mastered towards the end of July. The finished arrangement will then be announced by DJ Rossam and played on The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show towards the end of July.

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Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2015

By Administrator, 2015-12-27
Indiepinoy Christmas Party 2015

The indiepinoy christmas party was held at Back to the 90s Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Dec. 27, 2015.  The event was showcased with lots of food and drinks and Jam for all tugtugan. Several bands performed their own thing but most important are the jams where band members of different groups get together to play their favorite songs all for fun. As a tradition, Indiepinoy President Nolit Abanilla gave his year end report of all the activities done for the year 2015.

Check on Pictures here.

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Indiepinoy Christmas 2015 double album

By Administrator, 2015-12-01
Indiepinoy Christmas 2015 double album

Indiepinoy recently released a double album of all original christmas songs by Indiepinoy artists. The album is a follow-up from the christmas album released in 2010.  Artists who contributed in the compilation are The Boxers, AnthonyO, Q York, DJ Angela, Leslie Navarro, Sodapop Suicide, The Playfountains, Winners of Rap-A Verse, Bebe Riz and Jug Honeyluv, Daveman, Nuklus, Romel Chika, Gil Sabado, Krizzake x Zruz z Jamzz, Glenmore, Pitchfork, Leo Fantone, Dagger and Sentimo and Thelffrank featuring Ceejhay. The songs are made availble on itunes, spotify and other digital webstores. It also made it to the top100 alternative albums on itunes during its first few weeks of release.

Proceeds of this album will go to charity thru Akapbata's christmas projects helping less fortunate children celebrate a happy christmas.

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Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015

By Administrator, 2015-06-19
Philippine Indie Rock Awards 2015

June 19, 2015 - Boomerang Music held the first of its kind Philippine Indie Rock Awards at the Teatro Marikina last June 19, 2015. The event featured live performances of independent rock bands from all over Metro Manila.  The Awards was supported by The Southern Project together with Pinoytuner, MNL Online, Inc., Indie Band News, Pulp Magazine, Rakista, YouRockPinoy and Indiepinoy.

Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus

Faintlight - Flight

ÚNICO - Alone

Android-18 Band

Join The Club

Ian Tayao - Armalite

Valenzuela BP

Jomal Linao - Talata

Karel Honasan - YOSHA

Marco Ho - Giniling Festival

Eeman Bulotano - Audio Drive Thru

Kodigo PH

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Indiepinoy Music Fest 2015

By Administrator, 2015-06-07
Indiepinoy Music Fest 2015

June 7, 2015 - In celebration of Filipino Independent music, SM Las Pinas and Indiepinoy launched a concert fest last June 7, 2015. The event was held at the activity center of SM Las Pinas. Performers include Pseudo Red, Jeepney Jake, Ginrumntruth and Laraza. The event was hosted by DJ Julia B of 93.9 iFM Manila Radio.

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