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On Independent Artists

By: Administrator
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On Independent Artists

In 2008, five bands grouped together to find means to distribute their music on the prevailing trend of the time - mobile distribution. They realized that corporate would only talk to labels who represent hundreds of artists. The content providers do not want to waste their time talking to each and every independent artists coming into their doorstep. And so the five artists gathered more to form a group that will represent the independent artists and have a say in the music corporate world. Indiepinoy, the indie label and music company was born. The five bands grew into over a thousand independent Filipino artists.

This was the time digital was coming of age. Resources which were formerly exclusive to major labels due to expense started to become popular. Musicians can now create content (audio and visual) at par with those created by big production groups before but this time done in their own bedroom or backyard. Despite the development of digital technology, some institutions in the music business remained monopolized or at least dominated by the major labels who still firmly holds its place in the industry. Big budgeted promotions, radio and other media dominated by the campaigns of major labels are evidences that the independent artist could not compete.

Indiepinoy knows better. It has been proven thru history that musical tribes and fads started not from the mainstream but from the underground. Why would you then limit yourselves in an arena where you cannot win over the bullies. Go into the alternative route. Musicians of today have a wider arena to play with in promoting their music. There are a lot of emerging grounds where music can strive to become popular. And being creative can give birth to more alternative venues. On these arenas, your power to succeed is not limited to your budget. And you have equal footing with the big corporations in launching campaigns for your music.

This is what Indiepinoy lives and breathes. Over the years, Indiepinoy has explored various ways to promote the music of its artists. It has been actively representing the independent artists in various community activities, including having a presence in the Philippine Congress when issues affecting the musicians are discussed. Indiepinoy has also introduced itself to various corporate activities in an effort to find new means to promote independent Filipino music.

What differs Indiepinoy from other record labels?

Still indiepinoy stands as a music label. So what differs Indiepinoy from other record labels? First of all, Indiepinoy does not intend to gain big profits as a label. It was created by artists whose only intention was to have their music distributed. It wants its artists to be the one to gain economically in the marketing efforts Indiepinoy indulges. Indiepinoy wants to stress that it wants its artists to be independent. Thus it encourages its artist to explore means on developing and marketing music on their own. Indiepinoy can give guidance only based on its won experiences. There are a lot of indiepinoy artists who are now standing on their own, embracing the true essence of being indie. Experiences from these artists are additional inputs that helps shape up the development of independent Filipino music. Indiepinoy still include these artists in its projects of promoting independent Filipino music. This is what indiepinoy was really made of: helping each other. Indiepinoy is only described as a label to conform with the industry standards since there is no other description that will fit.

What does it take to be an independent Filipino artist?

Indiepinoy realizes that for artists to survive, one has to find his/her own audience. And when you get to have a specific audience, be true to them. They are your following. Do not attempt to go global or national without having your own crowd first. Your crowd can be your community where you belong, school or company, a particular audience who follows you on your gigs, followers in your online presence, etc. From there on you can expand as far as you are able to. But it is still important to maintain your roots, your original audience. Because they are the ones who believed in your music even when nobody else heard you yet. Having this, you can now stand on your own. Tools in the music industry can be learned and indiepinoy can provide guidance afterwards.