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Indiepinoy Statement to the RTD on Artists rights and welfare

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Indiepinoy Statement to the RTD on Artists rights and welfare

RTD Points to Stress (Given at the Round Table Talks in the Philippine Congress, November 21, 2019)

1. Musicians should be unionized. There is strong need for a union/guild for the musicians to have a voice. This union should be unified by as much musicians groups as possible. This will create a voice for the musicians. Look into the demands. Address issues affecting the musicians. Look into their righs and welfare, etc. I have heard a comment from  a fellow musician who said na takot ang mga tao to join if it is a union or takot makipag ugnayan sa grupo mo if you are a union. My opinion is bakit ka matatakot if this is the body na magtatangol sayo? Those who have the intention of oppressing musicians, sila ang dapat matakot. Hindi tayo. You can call this body anyway you want, but it has to function as a musicians guild.

2. There are lots of music organizations, ang problema hindi lahat ng ito ay nagkikita kita regularly.

-There is a need to create an umbrella organization/alliance that each group should be represented. Mayroon tayong tinatawag na stakeholders in the music industry. But the stakeholders are the key groups in the business of the music industry that defines it as a business. Their concern is to make sure business runs. They are not concerned of the rights and welfare of the individual members in the industry. We need to broaden the participation to include all culture and arts groups bot just those key persons involved in the commercial side of the music strata or what we call the mainstream. Medjo diverse ngayon ang music scene because there are artists who can make an impact on the music scene but they are not in the mainstream of the the music business. Wala sila sa negosyo nito.

-There is a need to regularize the Philippine Music Summit. It has to be a yearly event where all players in the music industry, not just the commerce of it, should be represented. Hindi naman kailangan ito bongga every year. Hindi din ito festival or concert. Isa itong gathering where people in the music talk what has to be addressed. Included to be discussed here are the ways to empower Filipino music. Implement guidelines for radio as a tool to promote Filipino music. What can be done with cultural festivals, fiestas, etc. where Filipino music or Filipino arts and culture in general should be in the forefront of it.

3. Implement an arts and culture program particularly music program that will reach the barangay level. If in every barangay there is a day care center and a basketball court, there should also be a cultural stage. Locals can attend music/arts workshops so that they can develop their skills. This will create a visible avenue fr the artists to hone their talent and not go elsewhere for such it is not the community who will benefit from their arts. we can tap whoever celebrity who lives in the barangay. These workshops can be organized into community cultural organizations where they can be tapped to perform in every community event or create an event/concert of their own. They can also create their own micro media such as setting yp their own community radio stations similar to the campus radios on schools and universities, video channels utilizing modern technology especially the internet.

4. The national government should provide funds and resources for these arts and culture community activities and organizations.