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Indipilipins Songwriting Contest 2016

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Indipilipins Songwriting Contest 2016

INDIPILIPINS BAND and The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show Proudly Presents The First INDIPILIPINS Song Writing Competition INDIPILIPINS BAND together with The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show is proud to present its first ever songwriting competition. This event is only open to all amateur Pinoy songwriters. Winning entry will receive a fully arranged, mixed and mastered recording of his/her song by INDIPILIPINS BAND. INDIPILIPINS BAND is an International internet band composed of Nolit Abanilla (Philippines), Christian Angelo Semilla (Philippines), Robert "Obet" Rivera (Singapore) and Butch Monserrat (Australia). Songwriters can submit their entries to : Date of Submission: May 1, 2016 Entries: Submissions will close upon receiving 20 entries only Cut Off Date: Upon receiving 20 entries Music Genre: Pop/Rock Category Music Style: Ballad/Uptempo Please note: 1. Submission must have a minimum of a vocal track with guitar or keyboard accompaniment. Sending only a vocal track will not be accepted. 2. Submissions must be in an Mp3 format 3. Submissions are limited to only one (1) entry per person. 4. Submissions must accompany songwriters name and title of song. 5. Only the first 20 submissions will be accepted, so don't delay. INDIPILIPINS BAND will then screen the songs for the entire month of June and then select the winning entry, which will be announced on the last day in June. Music arrangements will begin July 1, 2016. Recording of tracks will follow and the winning entry should be completely mixed and mastered towards the end of July. The finished arrangement will then be announced by DJ Rossam and played on The Cultured Mind Indie Pinoy Radio Show towards the end of July.