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Empowering the Independent Filipino Artist!

Inidiepinoy is a music company in the Philippines focused in providing tools for independent filipino artists in:
Digital Distribution - making songs available in 200+ online music stores and streaming apps.
Promotion - popularizing music and music videos both locally and internationally.
Technical Assistance and Networking - assistance in both audio and video productions as well as linkages with music groups and corporate institutions.

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On Independent Artists

On Independent Artists
In 2008, five bands grouped together to find means to distribute their music on the prevailing trend of the time - mobile distribution. They realized that corporate would only talk to labels who represent hundreds of artists. The content providers do not want to waste their time talking to each and every independent artists coming into their doorstep. And so the five artists gathered more to form a group that will represent the independent artists and have a say in the music corporate world....
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