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Comedy Rock

(TAH * BAS) hails from a diverse and eclectic background. Band members, AJ, JP and Suzi, bring their taste of music to the arena. Funk, heavy metal, ska, reggae, blues, and the occasional Frank Sinatra and Sting all come together to make, not a mishmash of incongruous sounds, but a band that is versatile, flexible, and full of panache.

TABASS will play anything, and everything, down to the song of Three-Blind-Mice (see how they run...) as long as it's not influenced by a vocalist with an apoplectic tongue.

We are a band that defies classification - we classify ourselves. We are a band that defies genre - we are genre. We are, TABASS.

Back in 2007, four young, energetic co-workers decided to join the CCAP Battle of the bands, a competition aimed at recognizing artists in the call center industry. At that time, it was Gerbert Balmes on lead guitar and vocals, AJ Silvestre on rhythm guitar, Bennet Gubat on bass, and Suzi Suzara on drums. We we're all under the impression that old school rock still ruled and agreed to play Nativity in Black by Black Sabbath, hoping that it rocked enough to impress the screening judges. Confident and undaunted we played on, only to be disappointed by the sad reality of our futility. We didn't make the audition cut. I wouldn't say it was complete devastation but it was enough to encourage a few drinks. Gerbert had to leave early, so leave it to three alcoholics to turn Rufo's upside down. We used to joke about forming a band, but never really got around to it until the encouraging disappointment of not making it to CCAP. By volting in, we became the three-piece known initially as The AJ, Bennet and Suzi Show which was later condensed to TABASS after our first gig. Recently we have acquired a new bassist - JP Esteban. Our goal was to make music and rock, and it's pretty much stayed the same.

Our maiden gig was held on March 31, 2007 at Maru Bar, Makati for Adobo Production's "After Shift Jam". We became regular performers for the Production and went back and forth from Maru Bar and Watering Hole in Pasig. Gigs were bi-weekly and catered mostly to call center agents. By December of 2007, TABASS started playing for Sabre Productions and have since then, played gigs at RJ Bar, Makati, Bela Bar, San Juan, Al's Bar, Paranaque, Nightwish, Malate, Route 196, Katipunan and Clubb Dredd, Eastwood. We also play for several other productions such as No Front Act, Bedtime Stories, Heartburn, Fat Jack and MusicZone Philippines, where recently we had gigs at Kublai's, Katipunan, Cuerdas, Pasig, 6Underground, Pasig, Sausage Bar, QC, and Hard Rock Café, Makati for the Philippine launch of Independent Asian Music Television (I-AMTV). TABASS became part of the first group of PINOY Indie Bands for I-AMTV and one of the first local Indie bands to be featured on MYX USA.

TABASS also receives regular airplay from Underground Radio 105.9 fm, having received acclamation for reaching the number two slot on the UR PINOY ROCK COUNTDOWN with our song Water Fountain, and currently receiving airplay for our new single Balatkayo, which is also reached the number two slot on the UR Pinoy Rock Countdown. We have also been receiving airplay from, reaching number four on their charts.

We come from different genres of music, different playing styles, different influences, so it's amazing that we don't end up killing each other when we jam. Somehow we seem to get along quite well in the studio. We like calling our music Comedy Rock, why? Well, it's meant to be funny, or at least we hope it is. The incorporation of satiric lyrics and funky-rocking riffs seem to make most of what you'll hear from this band. We also try to deliver our dose of comedy during live performances with crazy stage antics and a little stand up comedy on the side. Our credo runs deep in our music. Shoot first, run later.

Suzi's main influences are metal bands like Chevelle, Drowning Pool and classics like Toto and Spandau Ballet. Bennet was spawned from Pantera and most of the early 90's grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Live. AJ's influences are 311, RATM, Razorback and Metallica.

Tabass is composed of:

AJ Silvestre - Vocals/Guitars
JP Esteban - Bass
Ryan 'Suzi' Suzara - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09178126496

Text TABASS and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Balat Kayo FTB1MTB1--
Bernie FTB2MTB2--
Gozbaster FTB3MTB3--
Granma FTB4MTB4--
Gusto Ko Matuto MagRap FTB6MTB6--
Pedro FTB5MTB5--
Water Fountain FTB7MTB7--

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