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Rockin' the World from Its Sleep
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- Cebu -

Our story is simple and quite often told. We are four music-obsessed friends who go way back since high school, from the Philippine island of Cebu. We later parted ways for college and were sucked into the ordinary world, pursuing ordinary lives.

All this time, we practically lived in different worlds and were too caught up with trying to pursue the usual career paths imposed upon our educated and underpaid Filipino contemporaries.

Still, deep inside our very beings, the music was calling and the passion could no longer be stayed. Things were about to change.

Two law students, a banker and an engineer created a band whose chemistry seemed to come from both nowhere and everywhere. Off the bat we were able to create the music and words for 'Sunflowers & Dust', 'Even Angels Cry' and 'Last Star' from our sound experiments. It just simply worked.

The hard part was coming up with a band name. We would collectively come up with the name describing the strong nighttime cafe culture in the Philippines. People don't consume caffeine out of a need to stay awake but simply because they want to. This was the perfect analogy for our work as a band. We don't do it out of necessity but out of a shared passion that will never leave us alone until we're finally put to the ground.

Dax, James, Ian & I became Sundown Caffeine.

By 2005, despite working with a shoestring budget, the band was able to establish a sizable cult following in many countries. Our music has been featured in several podcasts, radio stations and websites from all over the globe, and we continue to work even harder to improve our music.

- Manila -

In 2008, Ian and I relocated to Manila. Dax & James could not follow, so we were now missing an arm and a leg.

We started scouting for a new guitarist and bassist through the web. Fortunately, a skilled guitarist by the name of Conrad Cruz answered our call and has been playing with us ever since. For the bass, we borrowed Gboy Munsayac of the band Black Summer to act as a sessionist for us until we find a more permanent band member to take the task.

Today, we continue playing in many different venues all over the country and seek to make it even bigger outside the Philippines in the very proximate future.

We are looking to release our first album in 2010.

Sundown Caffeine is composed of:

Mark Robert Dy - Vocals
Conrad Cruz - Guitars
Gerard Munsayac - Bass
Ian Joseph Alesna - Drums

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Sundown Caffeine Releases:
Sundown Caffeine - Self-titled EP(2009)

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Song Title
Full Track
Even Angels Cry FSC1MSC1--
Last Star FSC2MSC2--
Nine Rivers FSC3MSC3--
Padayun Lang FSC4MSC4--
Sunflowers And Dust FSC6MSC6--
Wanderlust FSC5MSC5--

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