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Seven Aside
Alternative Rock
Quezon City

Seven Aside is definitely one of the few unsigned bands who continues to explore any major musical genres existing.

Fronted by Christopher Russel Cardinal, the bands vocal player with a wide vocal range. Followed by the melodic and heavy riffs of Jules Fred Batisla-ong on guitars. With the combination of Creeping lower tones of Crius Trespeces and the Loud rumbling Drums and Percussive beats of Roger Belonio. The band fuses individual influences together to create a chemical compound known as, Seven Aside Music.

The band first appeared at Chakik's Bar in Valle Verde for a production covering Tool and A Perfect Circles finest tunes. After that, all the rest just flowed. Production after production the band made a name for the people to know. Until a break came, band's songs are being played on RadioPilipinas. Where the band met other musicians who definitely got the talent. Playing with these independent artists made the band's growth grow more.

As of the moment the band already completed 10 songs written in different styles and inspirations. Hopefully a meteor of luck falls to make a record deal in the near future. With perseverance, creativity and brotherhood. The band, Seven Aside has no way of stoping making melodies in the heart of Rock...

Seven Aside is composed of:

Christopher Russel Cardinal - Vocals
Jules Fred Batisla-ong - Guitars
Crius Trespeces - Bass
Roger Belonio - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09182853853

Text INDIE and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Astride ----
Gapos ----
Kings To You ----
Silly Theme Song ----
Lost Thirty Something Souls ----
Amargozo Daze ----

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