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Alternative Rock
Quezon City

PUPITRE (poo-pit-re; Spanish; Noun; desk, school desk) A four-member band formed three years ago in Quezon City. Although, years of sharing common experiences count almost a decade of living a "different" life together. (All four finished Philosophy in the seminary while fifty percent of the band almost made it to the priesthood having reached the final stage of priestly preparations)

What's in a name? They first thought of the name "Sextons", which is synonymous to that of an altar boy-as all of these guys were, being ex-seminarians. However searching through the internet for availability, it appears that the name has already been acquired by a European band. So the search for the name led to a deeper reflection about the group's common and binding experience, hence the journey back to the wellsprings of the old seminary days. And the most fabled "pupitre" (that's how they call the desks in their classrooms, even until today) came up. The pupitre is significant since it is one personal object that largely symbolizes one's identity. Although all desks look perfectly similar (with identical brown paint finish). One gets to know each individual by looking into the inside of the pupitre. This time, be ready for the unexpected. The desk speaks of every person's uniqueness and creativity. Inside the pupitre are not just books and school stuff, but a variety of interests and a smorgasbord of unique ideas. From images of the Virgin Mary to photos of basketball idols, even improvised basketball goals and pillows that are sometimes hidden only to be taken out in times when teachers become like the gentle chirping Ibong Adarna, the pupitre is stuffed with almost anything thinkable and not. Very similar to what this band-and brotherhood-is all about.

Smeared Pop Pupitre's music caters to a broad spectrum of listeners. Some feel that this band's genre range from pop to alternative rock. But they rather uniquely brand theirs as "smeared pop". After all it is indeed smeared by their raw and unique gifts, various insights and idiosyncrasies-a mural and a masterpiece of a well-designed splatter of experiences having set their foot onto the "real world".

Pupitre is composed of:

Donald Delgado - Vocals
Karlo Espano - Guitars
Jospeh Go - Guitars
Angelo Torrella - Bass
Bryan Engay - Drums

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