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I started making songs since high school in rap genre but forgot them already. Then came, the Eraserheads, Nirvana, Ash, Bush and the likes that changed my taste in music. But I still am liking and influenced by rap songs. I started making (and remembering) my first song when I was 17. Then I started playing with a band in 1998. Less than ten years later, 16 of my songs were finally recorded. I let my friends and loved ones perform most of the songs and we were able to produce an independent album entitled TO BE WITH ME - Songs of My Heart by P.N. Gabay. I still have more or less 50 songs unrecorded. My music was later influenced by DC Talk, Jars of Clay, Seven-Day Jesus and more.

PM Gabay started writing songs when he was in high school in rap genre but forgot all of them already. He was 17 when he started writing alternative songs. In 1998, he started writing Christian rock songs and performed with his now defunct band Thirst No More. He was blessed that Iess than ten years later, they were able to record 16 of his songs. They are hoping to release his album before this year ends though they already released it independently. The album is entitled To Be With Me.

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Text PMG and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Change Some Parts FPM6MPM6--
He Lighted The World FPM7MPM7--
Joy + Pain FPM1MPM1--
Lab Song FPM2MPM2--
Ode To My Life Teachers FPM8MPM8--
Paraiso FPM3MPM3--
Peter Pan (Nandito Ako) FPM4MPM4--
Sa Puso Ko FPM5MPM5--
The Name I Call FPM9MPM9--
The Truth FPMAMPMA--
Thirst No More FPMBMPMB--
To Be With Me FPMCMPMC--
Visit For A Cause FPMDMPMD--
Who Said God Cant Use Rock Music FPMEMPME--
You Are There FPMFMPMF--

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