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INK Driven
Pop Rock

Songwriting is the heart and soul / foundation of this group. They believe that creating songs is their most definitive instrument. It's the reason why their band even existed - next to which is performing live. Most of their songs talk about what's out there - people living their lives. Theybelieve that the best songs that they've written are those about love and friendship. It helps them to connect to their listeners and audience.. The lyrics are somewhat familiar phrases or common dialogue we speak from day to day.

INK Driven believes that music is one of the greatest gift we have. Once they finish writing, arranging, performing and recording a song, it's no longer theirs. It's for the people to listen and enjoy, put meaning to or make story of. Once it's out there, their job is done.

Started out early 2010 when Resty began writing lyrics and melodies for this new album. The center of the songs is writing his thoughts/feelings at the time, past and present. Thus the song PEN MY THOUGHTS... Then he asked Jerome to lay down the bass guitar plus some backing vocals to tracks like PANAGINIP and BETTER with YOU. Later on, Zimon and Ivan joined in and they've been jamming and gigging ever since.

Ink Driven is composed of:

Resty Concepcion - Vocals
Ivan Gutierrez - Guitars
Jerome Azarcon - Bass
Zimon Lampa - Drums

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INK Driven Releases:

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