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In the late year 2003, a young talented guy formed a band for the loved of music, to his talents and to be heard by everyone. Vince passion with music and willingness to follow his dream, he formed a band called ICECREAM. Vinces' have been composing his music and lyrics since High School days and until now. The feedback and compliment from everybody who listened to his songs was phenomenal that drives him more to pursue and take his chances in music industry. Vince approached Warren (Vince long time friend and band mates since High School) to form a band with him, without 2nd thought he joined the band because they have the same ambition to make an album someday and too much love with music. Warren introduced his 2 brothers Jeremiah and Rowell also a great musicians with the great ability to create good music. Four talented and ambitious young men finally organized their own band. The group discuss about their objectives and goals for the band, everyone agreed because of one common interest "love of music". Vince began to write songs such as Forget You, Inlove with You and Kailan kaya and more but the band lie low for awhile when Vince migrated in Canada but that never stop him and the group to write songs, composing music and continuous contact with one another. Vince has new songs like Cubao, Bebang and Teardrops. If you will listen to his songs you will emotionally get connected with the lyrics and music he produced, his songs applies to simple persons, life struggle and transition. You will get fascinated to listen and play his music over often.

Bebang is a mellow phonic song whom a rock star dude has a secret admiration to his fan and he expressed it through this song. Teardrops is a heartbreaking rock song, anybody who experienced heartaches through break- up and cheated by someone they loved can relate to this song..

When they we're still ICECREAM they were already performed in different places in Manila, Baguio and Dagupan especially to their hometown in Pangasinan when and Vince was still in the Philippines. They guest in a morning breakfast show in channel 32 called "Gandang Umaga Kapamilya". They were impressed of their performance and talent so the show invited them again twice. Vince released his first EP album called "No Name" last November and everyone request for a copy and asking where to get it. The group never stops to fulfill their dreams even Vince is far away from his group they're waiting for the right time and opportunity. Vince and all the members of their band always have communication to talk about everything, changes and improvement. Vince never stops making music even from the start, he has a brand new song called "Pintig". They're now looking forward for the future that they want to achieve. Taste the taste of a new sound and be in the box with some coolness, sweetness and passion in music that you want to have.

Vincent Faust M. Dela Cruz - the musician/ composer

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Icebox Releases:
Icebox - We Live, We Love Together (2009)
An Indie Christmas - Noche Buena (2009)
Icebox - Disc Over? Take 1 (2010)

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Song Title
Full Track
An Ordinary FCB6MCB6--
Bebang FCB1MCB1--
Cubao FCB2MCB2--
Dreams FCB3MCB3--
Kailan Kaya FCB4MCB4--
Lumbay FCB5MCB5--
Pintig FCB7MCB7--
Teardrops FCB8MCB8--

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