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Happy Days
Alternative Rock

Happydays started as a four piece indie outfit hailing from the Queen City of the South. The idea was to make original music as these engineering students from the University of San Carlos got tired of listening from other bands playing cover songs. It has been almost 10 years ago that the band played, lived and practiced the independent way of making music. And it has remained as before that the indie genre and scene was ever defined. Playing on local shows, raised funds to make records and everything from left to right was DIY.

A day came when Ian Zafra of Shiela and the Insects fame signed them up as the first band for the IndieCultureRecords label, from then on records were officially made. For countless shows, and studio sessions, the first album "Recordable!?!" was made which was also the first band ever produced by Zafra. The band has been known for their raw geek rock sound, making lots of new songs, playing every show they can get, refusing to be mainstream and for heavy beer and rum drinking. With more songs, singles, compilations and demos in between the follow up LP Hello!Hello?Girl! was released and self produced by the band with the help of Poldo of Frank!, CDMC and Zzubu(the band and studio).

Dividing time between shows and studio sessions, the band managed to make new songs for a third record which made it through the studio, but was unfortunately left unmixed due to the original bassist Oliver(now in the artnoise band DieRockersDie) leaving for the States. With lots of studio effort and a few bassist changes , the last record was eventually shelved. Though the band managed to play minor shows even playing playing as trio, the members would soon go on separate ways with Remugs playing for Geek City Riots, Allen for Ramonitos and Hareld focusing on work. For a couple of years in hiatus, happydays is back with all the original lineup and a new bassist Ambong which was once also the fifth unofficial member. Now armed with influences ranging from shoegaze, punk, ska, noise rock and disco, the band managed to make a distinctive sound in the indie scene.

Happy Days is composed of:

Remugs Fuel - Vocals/Guitar
Fern - Bass
Percy - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09187490686

Happy Days Releases:
Happy Days - Recordable!?! (2006)
Happy Days - Hello Hello Girl (2007)

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Song Title
Full Track
Bar Song FHD2MHD2--
Cause I Love Her So FHD6MHD6--
Drunk Song FHD3MHD3--
Fag FHD7MHD7--
Far Away FHD5MHD5--
Ice Cream FHD8MHD8--
Jolly Good Friends FHDBMHDB--
Lost Forever FHDCMHDC--
Night Crawlers FHDDMHDD--
Nirvana FHDEMHDE--
Ring and Photographs FHDGMHDG--
Sanorita FHDHMHDH--
Sweat Dreams FHDKMHDK--
Then We Communicate FHDMMHDM--
Wind Sigh FHDPMHDP--

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