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Got Candy
Aternative Rock

Since we started a year ago, Gem, Michael, David, and AJ had never realized that they would hope nothing more than to play music with zero accountability to negativity, and the ugliness of depressing human strife. Candy, in itself, is something supposedly enjoyable --- at variable times, and of divergent circumstances.

A year ago, we never realized this in all honesty. A year ago, synonymous to the redundant norm of neophyte bands who would never succumb to the admission that the repertoire; that "genre" they so difficultly attempt to explain whenever asked, allowed themselves to be part of mere emulations of what may perhaps be "subconsciously", or "pre-meditatively", existing sounds of popular bands' existing styles with their existing goals. A year ago, we hoped to be something that is anything out there flowing within the confines of an unconscious social trend, but nothing that is what we really yearned for at heart...

A year later, as the music plays; as crowds cheered and booed, and as fellow artists provide their professional, experienced insights, the band learns, and thus, discovers its actual musical soul (pardon the cliché).

Candy, in itself, is something supposedly enjoyable --- a guilty pleasure at heart. It brings a cheer and a smile that combust with every explosion of flavor and variable taste. A year later, this is what we discover we are. An earful of candy that puts pleasant to the unpleasant. A year later, we discover that this is what we elementally got after all... Got Candy.

Got Candy is composed of:

Gen Tongohan - Vocals
David Gomez - Guitars
AJ Arandilla - Bass
Michael De Guzman - Drums

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