Gatecrash with Nadia
alternative Rock

Gatecrash with Nadia has existed since the band name's inception in mid-August of 2007, but the current roster of members had stabilized only in February the following year. The band's upward trajectory has begun since then. The official lineup is composed of Aleah Alam on vocals, Benjun Borbon and Paolo Cabonce on guitars, Patrick Ocampo on bass and Moki Cruz on drums. Gatecrash with Nadia's musical thesis mainly features rock and emo-driven chord progressions, blues-y guitar riffs, heart-pounding stops and soulful, melodic vocals. The band also puts great effort in writing its own lyrics, which could be aptly described as story-telling and poetry combined. But a live Gatecrash with Nadia set is not complete without collective showmanship from its members, who feed off energy from each other and from the audience they play for. The band thrives, not by focusing on one specific genre and market segment of the listening crowd but by enticing everyone to experience its music. After getting to know us, one may be tempted to ask, "So who's Nadia?" Our simple answer to this question: "Who knows? It just sounds good!"

Gatcrash With Nadia is composed of:

Aleah Alam - Vocals
Benjun Borbon - Guitars
Jason Grospe - Guitars
Patrick Ocampo - Bass
Moki Cruz - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09278703241

Gatecrash With Nadia Releases:
Gatecrash with Nadia - Self-titled EP (2009)

Text GWN and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Labyrinth FGW1MGW1--
Nadia's Song FGW2MGW2--
Sandali FGW3MGW3--
Silence of a Crowded City FGW4MGW4--
Take Me FGW5MGW5--

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