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Fuseboxx is a five-piece Filipino/Pinoy progressive rock/metal band. They are known for the unusual utilization of their instruments and odd time signatures in contrast to the prevailing blend of pop music, commonly alternative and OPM in Manila. They were the champions of the 2003 Red Horse Muziklaban band competition. The band also leads a small group of prog musicians, enthusiasts and fans alike named Pinoy Progressive Community which advocates progressive rock and technical music genres in the Philippines. The community launched a one-night prog music event entitled "In Progression" three times: December 3, 2005 (Part I: The First Movement), April 18, 2008 (Part 2) and September 26, 2008 (Part III: Odd Times).

Fuseboxx started in 2001 by synth/keyboardist Eric Tubon, guitarist Paolo Cabalquinto and drummer Herson Fremista as a three-piece experimental band, after few months they decided to complete the lineup adding Rodney Vidanes on bass and Abby Clutario on vocals/keyboards (prior to Clutario, Fuseboxx tried MJ Dacosta on vocals, but that arrangement lasted for only 2 weeks). Realizing that they could play for a living, they tried doing alternative and new wave covers. They also tried auditioning in bars, but most felt they were too "heavy". After several twists and turns that included Cabalquinto leaving to pursue a career in nursing, the band decided to stop doing covers and began creating original music. Cabalquinto was soon replaced by Robert Lachica (now guitarist of Neruda). Lachica then left and was replaced by guitarist Albert Montinola. The band continued developing their skills and adopted a progressive rock style, honing their edge on their own originals. It was with this line-up that the band release an EP entitled Listen released 2003 which was circulated among the Filipino "underground" indie rock community.

After further lineup changes, the band eventually settled on their current line-up with drummer Lester Banzuelo, vocals/keys Abby Clutario, synth/keys Eric Tubon and now on guitars Mico Ong.

Prior to joining the 2003 Red Horse Beer Muziklaban, Fuseboxx were a little known progressive rock band with a small following. At the time of joining, the band was almost on the verge of breakup due to the band members busy schedules with their day jobs. Joining and eventually winning the contest (where they were unanimously voted by the judges as the winner) brought in a sudden surge of exposure for the band helping them breakthrough to the mainstream. However, despite public demand for them to release an album as soon as possible, the band took their time to work on the album, releasing it almost two years after they had won under a distribution contract with Universal Records Philippines.

Fuseboxx released their self titled debut album under Universal Records after an almost two year wait. The album is notable for the bands four part opus, "Outlet", an over 25 minute long progressive epic spanning four songs: "Outlet I", "Outlet II", "Outlet III Requiem", "Outlet IV" (with an "Interlude" in between "Outlet III" and "IV"). Also included were radio edits for "Outlet II" and "Outlet III" that received airplay over the famous Filipino rock radio station NU 107. Other notable songs from the album include "Ulanarao", a song in Filipino (the title itself is a portmanteau of the words ulan and araw - the Filipino words for "rain" and "sun" respectively) that proved quite popular with the fans and was also played on NU107; "Switch", an instrumental piece featuring recorded conversation samples (often unintelligible), locomotive celerity and choir girl voices and "Breathe", which features middle eastern, staccato motifs that showcase Clutario and Tubon's keyboards and Montinola's guitars in blazing conjunction.

Fuseboxx' members draw from a myriad of influences, from progressive rock, to traditional metal, to fusion, to New Age. Their songs feature heavy keyboard work and portions of some of their songs are influenced by synth/piano driven acts. Meanwhile, Abby's melodic vocal style shows influences of female new age/alternative singers. These, combined with Eric's new wave/fusion influenced synth technique and Lester's double bass playing, and now Mico's unorthodox style, gives Fuseboxx a distinct sound that can be both soothing and heavy at the same time giving them their own identity as both a progressive rock and Filipino band.

Fuseboxx is composed of:

Abby Clutario - Vocals
Mico Ong - Guitars
Eric Tubon - Keyboards
Lester Banzuelo - Drums
Maku Felix - Back Up Vocals

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Fuseboxx Releases:
Fuseboxx - Listen EP (2003)
Fuseboxx - Self-Titled (2005)

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