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ESPIYA was formed 2007. After performing for a band GINGERLUYA in 2006, vocalist Jerick Dalawangbayan and guitarist Arleigh Andes decided to form a band despite of having different genres. Combining their ideas they come out with songs having heavy metal riffs and alternative melodies.

In same year, they pick Jerick's cousin Arnold Lumbera to be the band's bassist. Finally, they acquire Jay Reblora to be their drummer. At first they bannered their band as SOCKET 8 and change it with ILL ON ICE (ILLINOISE). Finally, they decided to name the band after the company where they all worked as Graphics Specialist. They all work at SPi Technologies in Paranaque so they comeout with the name ESPIYA.

A year after, their drummer leave the company and eventually leave the band. Espiya struggle to find their new drummer. In 2008, they qualified for Redhorse Musiklaban but they failed to perform because they have no drummer at all. Same year, Jerick and Leigh emerge on a gap that separated them. Jerick form a band called FINDING MEMO having his cousin Arnold on his side. Leigh join a band ARSENIC in same company, SPi technologies. All the plans and songs of Espiya were lost.

Months after, the two reconcile and Espiya reunited again. The problem was... they still have no drummer. They tried some drummers who did not fit with the sound of Espiya. Finally, they decided to acquire Ariel Lanuza who is Finding Memo's drummer. To make the band sound more solid, Bassist Arnold Lumbera lend his position to a Finding Memo's sessionist bassist Dido Casisiempre. Arnold will now be the Espiya's rhythm guitar and Dido will be the bassist.

Espiya is composed of:

Jerick Dalawangbayan - Vocals
Arleigh Andes - Lead Guitars
Arnold Lumbera - Rhythm Guitar
Dido Casisiempre - Bass
Ariel Lanuza - Drums

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please call - 09158592011

Espiya Releases:
Espiya - Unang Silip (2009)

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Song Title
Full Track
Buy The World (Unplugged) ----
Barik ----
Basag ----
Buwaya ----
Buy The World ----
Cant Find A Way ----
Highway ----
Landas Sa Paraiso ----
Lulong ----
Magisa ----
My Savior ----

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