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Metal Rock
Quezon City

E.R.F. means undefined, no borders nor constraints and forever moving.

Thus said it is easy to see the way the band plays along the lines of different genres, yet always remaining originally E.R.F. The question of genre pops into the conversation. "OK, if you want to categorize us to make your life easier, then maybe you can call us Heavy Alternative", States Siopao.

Heavy Alternative may be an easy way to describe E.R.F. though it does not completely give one a complete picture of their music. Sometimes haunting, head throbbing, tingling or just straight rock/metal, the band takes from different moods and genres and manage to come up with their own sound. A sound totally devoid of compromise and sings of individuality, freedom and introspective dialogues to better deal emotions and thinkings. In a music climate which lives on songs about pubescent loves and novelty leanings, E.R.F. refreshingly brings a badly needed depth and artistry in the local Rock scene.

Indiepinoy is composed of:

Siopao - Vocals
Ryan Padilla - Guitars
Melvin Lu - Bass
Monchie Paredes - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09228213230

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Chloric FTMTTM--
Sinag FTMTTM--

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