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Everything Is Beautiful
Alternative Rock
La Union

Hiding from the waves of San Fernando (La Union) comes Everything is Beautiful. A Pop Punk band who continually spread their music by mouth, hardcore playing at small shows and tripping over the internet. The band was born 2006 and at the mid of 2007, EiB got the chance release a home-recorded/produced EP which shook every part of the nations asses. The EP called "You Make Market and We Don't!" was a huge success for these guys who make music not for their pockets but for fun. In 2008, the sequel of the EP which was entitled "You Still Make Market, So Die!!" a 13 track CD which includes some songs from the first release also resulted to glory. EiB also was also a part of Hope's Not Gone Compilation CD under Tulungan Kabataan's mission and vision. Now the band is preparing for another release next year, so be prepared for these small town heroes from the North!

Everything Is Beautiful is composed of:

Ambet Ventura - Vocals
Arvin Hufana - Guitars
Shaun Badong - Guitars
Vince Luzon - Guitars
Mac Rivera - Bass
Will Cansino - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09052856351

Everything Is Beautiful Releases:
Everything is Beautiful - You Make Market and We Dont (2008)

Text EIB and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
10 years from Now FEB1MEB1--
Bloody Mary FEB2MEB2--
Give It Up For The Clap FEB3MEB3--
Mishca How Are You FEB6MEB6--
Mother's Day is the Sweetest Ever FEB7MEB7--
Only The Bartender Knows How FEB8MEB8--
Poetic Yet Considerate FEB9MEB9--
Recipee FEBAMEBA--
Slowly Goin Faster FEBBMEBB--
Villain Without Virtue FEBCMEBC--
Vintage Advantage FEBDMEBD--
We Learn FEB5MEB5--
Yesterday I Died FEBEMEBE--
You Make Market We Dont FEBFMENF--

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