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CAPO is a group composed of four members named Maica, Rommel, Lee, and Geo. They play imperative roles such as lead vocals, drums, lead guitar and bass, respectively. The group is based in the Philippines. Coming from an all-male band, CAPO was founded with vigor. The same depth is carried on after the other members left. Rommel, the persistent founder continued the group and carried its name.

Maica, filling for the lead vocal position is a commendable woman. She covers a wide range of vocal prowess with proficiency and dexterity. Be it jazz or a modern belt out song, she will carry her presence all along. Committed and serious about the music, she performs with every bit of passion in her. She is taking professional lessons in music, keying in voice at UST. Influenced by Broadway and Jazz, she will add a new flavor to the sound of CAPO.

Rommel, the group's drummer is also the main arranger of the band. Being versatile musically, he shifted to drums. He was the first guitarist of CAPO. He took responsibility in editing and recording all the songs and videos of the group. His multimedia familiarity is a vital role in pro moting the band worldwide through audio and video staging using the internet. Rommel studied BS Nursing, a course outlying from his music career. Far concepts but both integrate art and method.

The lead guitarist, Lee, is an adaptable player. Coming from a family of musicians, he carries the music in him. He is also one of the pioneer members of the group, now returning to keep the music of CAPO alive. He also play for his community Church, returning the talent to where he owe it. Being trained and accustomed to wide selection of genres, he is an integral part of our own flavor - The CAPO sound.

CAPO's music would not be the same without the bass lines. Geo is responsible for the low frequencies. He came from a progressive band where he polished his skills. Musically, he is innovative and creative. Applying skill with precision is his aptitude. He believes that music isn't just what most people think of. It's sharing what you got and enjoying yourself with the craft you love. Playing his bass with passion is always on his heart and that is why he is melodiously sound to be the underpinning of CAPO's sound.

CAPO is a group, a band, a circle bonded with faith and music. We will continue to share the music and we hope to touch your lives through the force of music. We will continue to share our music with the world. With the aid of our desires to communicate through music, we will craft new songs that would easily touch you.

With new members and influences, you'll expect more from this band who some time ago graced the stage of Pinoy Big Brother, Breakfast at Studio 23, Y-Speak, NU107, Jojo A. All the Way, UR Underground Radio and SM Mall of Asia. We also placed 1st runner up out of 60 bands last 2009 at the Philips Bandwidth virtual battle of the bands. CAPO is seen before, around the places where there are gigs. CAPO is back with higher spirit and passion for music.

CAPO's old songs will be available through IndiePinoy's mobile downloads.

Capo is composed of:

Maica - Vocals
Lee - Guitars
Geo - Bass
Rommel - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09153443333

Capo Releases:
CAPO - Self-titled (2009)
An Indie Christmas - Wish (2009)
Indie Love - Take It Easy (2010)

Text CAPO and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Patay Sindi FCP7MCP7--
Ang Barkada Trip FCP1MCP1--
I'll Be Missing You FCP2MCP2--
Knock FCP3MCP3--
Kung Sakali FCP4MCP4--
Lakad Lang FCP5MCP5--
Make Me Fall In Love Again FCP6MCP6--
Sideways FCP8MCP8--
Umaga FCP9MCP9--
W8 Lang FCP10MCP10--
Your Only Kind FCP11MCP11--

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