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Alternative Rock

soul-rockin' reggae - we are The Brown Outfit Bureau!

eager. honest. playful.

never was reggae this creative and boundless. such elements confide to one true meaning of it all--RESPECT!

and respect it shall be for these Tarlaquenos who only wanted to transcend to the brown-nation what making and playing music is all about.

born on the 7th day of january 2000, while almost everyone was devoured and surrendered to the so called "ku-paw" generation, The Brown Outfit Bureau deviated. hoping to make a change to at least from their local beginnings, BOB stood tall amongst many other Tarlaqueno bands while paving their way across one region after another with their own brand of reggae as their weapon of choice.

fusing soul, funk, punk, ska, blues and hints of world beat to the jamaican vibe, BOB's reggae soon found a decent spot of respect in the hearts of many young pinoys across central luzon.

fast forward to 2009. now BOB grew even more straight-forward to their songs and shows. gigs here and there. small clubs and big ones proclaim them as "crowd magnets", never leaving each show "unblessed" by their musical honesty and sheer power. such talent graced them a considerable spot for the monster-compilation "Doobie Nights" album with the punk-ska-reggae powered "Miguel"---adored by purist, poseurs and punks alike. BOB's music can only be capsulized in one word - "honest".

a word which they wish to stay true with and live with. for it is with this that they gain respect--respect not only from their following but also from those who never heard and believed that reggae is never confined only to the technical walls introduced to the world by our jamaican brothers. reggae is boundless both technically and lyrically.

BOB's reggae is experimental--chameleon-like--improvisational and above all ----- Pinoy!

Brown Outfit Bureau is composed of:

Band Member 1 - Vocals
Band Member 2 - Guitars
Band Member 3 - Keyboards
Band Member 4 - Bass
Band Member 5 - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09173432797

Brown Outfit Bureau Releases:
Brown Outfit Bureau - Self-titled (2009)
Doobie Nights - Miguel (2009)

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