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Bored of Trustees
Metal Rock

The band started out when two friends with similar musical influences and musical "tastes" decided to form a group that would be a cut above the rest. They wanted a band that would be something new, something different and something that they could be proud of. This was the point in time where their former bands had hit a dead end. Chuck sang lead vocals and was the lead guitarist of Dumaguete's premier hardcore band SUPLAH. Dumaguete's very own guitar God, EarltabZ, played lead guitar for the STONE AGE RELICS. It had seemed that the music had stopped for these guys, but because they were driven by the thought-"we will never leave the music behind", the idea that would create the BORED OF TRUSTEES was born.

Dumaguete actually has a lot of musical talent and it did not take long for Chuck and EarltabZ to identify potential "options". After considering all the important factors, they asked Bob-T to be the drummer. Bob-T plays drums for Cookie Monster, the Dumaguete heavy metal band widely known for kick-ass double-pedal drums and head banging guitar riffs. Chuck, EarltabZ, and Bob-T all wanted Kkerdz to play bass guitar and complete the line-up. Kkerdz's love affair with music started when he was still very young. He has played in various musical groups playing different kinds of musical instruments. Back in high school, they were band mates with Chucki in the band GANGRENE. In college, he played bass for SUPERFLY where EarltabZ was also the lead guitarist. Kkerdz is Dumaguete's bass-dak!

By the summer of 2005, they were able to save up some money to be able to record four songs at Backyard Project Studios in Cebu. As they recorded the songs, they were also able to land gigs at Kahayag Café and at Kaona Grill. They went home to continue with the local gigs. The first four songs were also submitted to the local radio stations. Lotion and Mama enjoyed a lot of airtime. People actually liked the songs and that fact encouraged the guys to write more songs. Gigs continued and the supporters grew in number. They had more songs now but as the group was about to record the first album, Kkerdz had to leave the band for reasons only the gods of music knows. The band needed to get a replacement fast because they could not waste the opportunity to become the next rock icons.

Now that their debut album is already out they have been promoting it with the passion of dedicated artists ever since. The album was formally launched at Hayahay Tree House Bar & View Deck, Dumaguete City last August 2006. But prior to the release, the band played in the other major bars in around town like Payag Sa Likod, El Camino Blanco, Garahe, Gimik, etc. the boulevard was also a regular venue. They already had a promotional tour during the summer wherein they played in bars the neighboring cities like Tanjay City, Cebu City (@ Handuraw & Boss Grill), and Ilo-ilo City (@ 012 Resto Bar).

A video has already been shot for the song "to err is human". A friendster account and a Myspace account has also been utilized to further help in promoting the album. And now the group has its very own website. But ever since the beginning, the band always new that their music would never gain the respect it deserves if they stay local and underground. So it was always in their plan to move to Manila to get a wider coverage. They knew it would take some time and a lot of money. But luckily for the group, that plan of moving to Manila was cut short since Chucki won the Dumaguete Leg of Colt 45 Rockista on MTV - a reality TV search for a true Filipino rock star. Bamboo the main act for that contest and it was held at the Freedom Park where an estimated 22,000 people were watching. It was the biggest crowd that the BORED OF TRUSTEES had ever played in front of. And the crowd was head banging to the groups performance.

Bored of Trustees is composed of:

Chuck Vicuna - Vocals/Bass
Earl Tabasuares - Guitars
Nico Gasendo - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09228217708

Bored of Trustees Releases:
Bored of Trustees - Compromise at the Beginning (2006)

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Song Title
Full Track
Mama FBT6MBT6--
Dear Iya FBT3MBT3--
Again (Negor Version) FBT1MBT1--
Brownman FBT2MBT2--
For The Lonely (Lotion) FBT4MBT4--
Go Bullets Go FBT5MBT5--
My Love FBT7MBT7--
To Err Is Human FBT8MBT8--
To The Broken FBT9MBT9--

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