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Avaya Down
Alternative Rock

AvayaDown is an alternative rock band composed of four guys who've grown tired of "the usual" that mainstream music has to offer. Mixing hexatonic-scale-oriented-melodic guitar riffs, heart-pounding drumbeats, solid basslines, husky-yet-steady vocals and lyrics that have substance-- AvayaDown is an aural amalgam of art and angst. We are not punk nor heavy metal. Radio-friendly, but not pop-rock. You can play us with mainstream but we will always be alternative. True to its roots: alternative rock. AvayaDown.

AvayaDown is in the process of rebuilding and reinventing its structure. After going through tough times, various career changes and personal issues, we are now leaving the shiznit behind and moving forward...

AvayaDown believes that music is for everybody regardless of genre and/or social class. Our vision is to bridge the gap between musical indifferences.

AvayaDown will Be the Spark that Ignites the Start to Catch Fire!

Avaya Down is composed of:

Aaron James Mollo - Vocals
Roel Flores - Guitars
Christian Morales - Bass
Nico Navarro - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 0928-524-6910

Avaya Down Releases:

Text INDIE and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Forever Blue ----
Pagmulat ----

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