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Agipo is Jorge Bisoy Tapales (vocals, AB Mass Communications graduate, Cebu Normal University), Robert Ian Carungay (lead guitar, University of San Jose), Dennis Raphael Raphy Moga (drums, Electronics andCommunications Engineering student at UC), Ronnie Bayabos (bass, Electrical Engineering graduate, University of the Visayas) and Joje Cleofas (rhythm, BS Information Management graduate of UC) converged from actually totally different zones and with Red Hot Chili Pepper, punk ska, emo (My Chemical Romance), Slipknot and Metallica as musical influences, Agipo have come to propagate the culture of poetry of the Bisdaks using the Bisrock genre. The band is thankful also to Vanz Recording with Vanz Aznar ofanother Bisrock band Gangrene, to DJ Ram and Bré Ambungan and all the Smashers for the requests, Mam Marit (Remonde, station manager of Smash), and one they call MamiChaka who acts as their manager.

Agipo is composed of:

Jeorge "Bisoy" Tapales - Vocals
Jojie "jing" Cleofas - Guitars
Robert Ian "Bhok" Carungay - Guitars
Ronnie "dodong onie" Bayabos - Bass
Rafael "dindin" Moga - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09158368748

Agipo Releases:
Agipo - Napusgay (2008)

Text Agipo and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Resibo FAG8MAG8--
Sikwate FAG9MAG9--
Itlog FAG4MAG4--
Luha FAG5MAG5--
Taliwi Ang Lami FAG11MAG11--
Batang Nangka FAG1MAG1--
Brave New World FAG2MAG2--
Ensaymada FAG3MAG3--
Pag Sure Oi (Acoustic) FAG6MAG6--
Pag Sure Oi FAG7MAG7--
Tamsi FAG10MAG10--

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You may request "Sikwati" on Smash FM 93.1 by texting REQ(space) Message to 09068240037.
You may request "Sikwati" on Radiopilipinas by texting REQ(space) Message to 0921-8221822.

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