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4th Dratik
Metal Rock
Quezon City

Coming from Quezon City, 4TH Draztik delivers a sole and surpassed aggressiveness on their edgy experimental and numetal/rapcore tunes, at the same time supporting it with an indubitable sense of melody. Adjoining puissant metal style inflections and other fiery references, Draztik follows the path of other new metal squads. Constituting in March 2009 in Quezon City, Draztik first formed by the common initiative of guitarist Jerold Tuazon, vocalists Gian Ortega and Elmer Isidro, after the three first met while playing in a band called Gazmagnet. Later joining the crew were drummer Jesso Montejo along with bassist Aron Pancho. Following the completion of the lineup, Draztik began playing regularly in different bars around manila area. It was also at that time that the crew decided on recording its first EP. In September 2009 Pointbee Multimedia Production independent released a compilation CD called "Pointbee Distortion Stinger 2" which includes the song "Hugas Kamay".Draztik plan on releasing a few more records some time in the future starting with their EP, release date to be announced real soon.

th Draztik have been empowered to actually use their music to enlighten the youth and provide levity in a profane, dysfunctional, regressive society.

4th Drastik is composed of:

Glen Ortega - Vocals
Elmer Isidro - Vocals
Jerold Tuazon - Guitars
Aron Pancho - Bass
Jesso Montejo - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09166463958

4th Drastik Releases:
Pointbee Distortion Stinger 2 - Hugas Kamay (2009)

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